Monday, October 3, 2011

Sourdough Crumpets

I love my sourdough starter.  I love that I know exactly what is in my bread.  At its heart, it is simply flour, water and salt.  So much magic from three little ingredients.  I love that I made it myself.  The feel of dough as you mix and knead.  That moment when the mix turns from individual ingredients to a unified ball of bliss.  That it is a living breathing organism.  That if I tend it well, it will continue to give back for many years to come.  And, perhaps most importantly, unlike many other breads for those with dietary restrictions, it actually, tastes and smells like bread.  Great bread.

There is however, a downside to growing your own starter.  To keep your starter fresh, you must remove part of the mix, before adding in fresh flour and water.  If I don't keep up with my baking I find that I am tossing out this precious brew, and that rubs me in decidedly the wrong way.  I hate the waste, and it seems anathema to my whole cooking principal.

But finally, I have found a way to utilise this previously wasted starter.  Crumpets (insert choir of angels and heavenly beam of light).

Long have I bemoaned my lack of crumpety goodness in my life.  Despite long hours searching the Internet, I am yet to find a commercially available fructose-friendly crumpet.  It is up there with my search for a culinary Holy Grail known as a fructose-friendly, and tasty, croissant.  In both cases I have had moments of weakness. "Bugger it.  One crumpet, or one croissant, is worth the cramps and the other less than delightful gastric symptoms".  And I have paid the price each and every time.  But finally, at least my crumpet search is over.

I give you the sourdough, fructose-friendly, spelt crumpet.


6-8 depending on the size of your rings.


15 mins


1 cup of 'pure' discarded sourdough starter.
1 tbsp castor sugar (they are quite tart, so alter your sugar to taste)
1/2 tsp bicardinate of soda
1/2 tsp salt
Butter or vegetable oil for greasing.


Mixing bowl
Frying pan
Egg Flip
Egg Rings (you can be dedicated crumpet rings but they are rather expensive.  Plus common egg rings do the trick)


1. Mix all ingredients, except butter/oil in bowl.
2. Heat fry pan to medium.
3. Grease egg rings
4. 1/2 fill each ring with crumpet mixture.
5. Small bubbles will begin to form on top of mixture.
6. When mixture looks 'dry' on top, flip to seal other side (about 30 sec)
7. Transfer to cooling tray.

You can freeze the cooked crumpets for later use (Ha Ha I laugh.  Like they will last that long).  Otherwise they can be toasted and smothered in margarine, honey, jam, Vegemite, whatever you choose.  For me there is nothing better than the simplicity of eating a crumpet with a gallon of melted margarine dripping down my arm.  Bliss.

Michelle :)

(Top: Fresh baked spelt, sourdough crumpets)

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Virginia Anne said...

Love your stilettos!! Why Margarine?? I implore you to research into how it is made and urge you to change to organic butter..pleeeeze !

Crumpet mixture is " brewing" How long do you leave it before you start cooking them please?